• Car Specs

    • We use Range Rover Autobiography P400e | Exclusive version of the luxury work horse
    • Extreme passenger seat away
    • Rear Executive Class, 24-way Driver and Passenger seats
    • Climate front and rear seats
    • Included pillows and blankets means you can stretch out comfortably
    • Deployable Side Steps for easy access everywhere.
    • Fully stocked, open bar features top-shelf wine and spirits
    • Onboard Go-Pro for tour or personal documentation
    • Access to Drone for tour or personal documentation
    • Special Duty-Free shopping access (delivered at the Airport)
    • AppleTV for your screen share or online media streaming (AppleTV+, Netflix, HULU, Disney+ etc.)
    • Other types of Land Rovers available for more extreme trips
    • Personal iPad®, yours to use all journey
    • Wi-Fi connectivity, PC power outlets and USB ports located throughout the cabin
    • Portable & Unlimited Wi-Fi in your pocket from www.trawire.com your whole stay
    • Noise-cancelling headsets for on-road use
    • Free plastic overcoat for the rainy days
    • Chef and caterer provide personalised, first-class box meal service featuring fresh local ingredients and personal favorites
    • When traveling in 2 or more vehicles you can get joined audio guidance between groups
    • Luxury Caravans for your “in-the-raw-Icelandic-nature-expreience”

Service Is Personalized

  • Service

    OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU GOES FAR BEYOND dates and itineraries. Our dedicated staff is committed to you from the moment you call to book your journey until the day you’ve returned home.

  • Preferences

    CREATING YOUR PERFECT JOURNEY IS OUR SOLE FOCUS. That’s why we want to get to know you and what you’re looking for—so that from the moment you settle into your seat until the day we return home, your every desire is met with miraculous ease. We’ll provide your favorite comforts, hotel suites with storybook views and the ultimate dining freedom. Even in the months before you arrive, our dedicated staff will be hard at work to transform your luxury-setting aspirations into a transcendent journey. This is the Luxury Rover Experience.

  • Destinations

    WE’VE CURATED YOUR JOURNEY AROUND ICELAND with a collection of stunning destinations, experiences and natural wonders. If there’s a destination on the itinerary that you’ve already visited, we can make arrangements for you to travel to another preferred destination during that leg of the journey. Beyond that, we can even create a personal itinerary for you to any place you like. Call us and we’ll show you Iceland’s hidden gems.

  • Activities

    CHOOSE FROM ICONIC HIGHLIGHTS TO EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES designed to enhance your journey at each destination. Whether you’re interested in immersing yourself in local culture, playing a round of golf or tennis, shopping in the best local markets, seeking out more adrenaline-filled activities or simply relaxing in the midnight sun, we are at your service. You choose what awaits you.

  • Safety & Security

    WE TAKE YOUR TRUST IN OUR ABILITIES VERY SERIOUSLY. That’s why your safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. We have dedicated connections and stay in constant contact with security professionals throughout the trip planning process and during your journey. In a world of constantly changing politics and events, we are prepared to reroute our journeys if it becomes necessary to do so. Our cars and your luggage are monitored closely at all times. ID tags are paired with every piece of luggage, ensuring immediate recognition of our group’s personal belongings. All hotel and tour staff are required to wear appropriate identification at all times. Daily itineraries are not posted publically, but are instead delivered daily to your personal room. Furthermore, specific sites and private transportation are reviewed by our onsite staff before you even arrive.

Luxury Accommodations

WE’VE CAREFULLY SELECTED SOME OF THE ICELAND’S FINEST HOTELS to ensure your absolute comfort during our journey. Each one exemplifies modern luxury, while perfectly embodying the unique qualities of the destination. From the chic sophistication of cosmopolitan towers to the quiet charm of open-air bungalows, their collective heritage of superlative service ensure that no matter how far we roam, you’ll always feel right at home.

Digital Concierge

YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS THE MOMENT YOU BOOK A TRIP. Upon your deposit, you’ll receive a iPad to entertain and inform you during your journey. The exclusive LR App, will serve as your digital concierge, helping you explore every destination, choose your activities and update your itinerary and preferences. You’ll also get insider updates, travel tips and access to curated content from industry experts, travel writers, adventurers, renowned chefs and more. It’s an app that’s built for you, to empower you and inspire you.




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