What is Luxury Rovers Personal Travel?

Our around-Iceland Tours highlight the splendors of travel from the comfort of our luxurious cars, but some of our clients prefer to travel on their own—setting their own pace and utilizing different modes of transportation. That is the premise of Luxury Rovers Personal Travel: to allow you, your family and friends the opportunity to see all Iceland has to offer, in the style and luxury ILuxury Rovers is known for. With over 100 years of travel planning experience among us, our team will create your perfect custom getaway.

where can i go?

ANYWHERE IN ICELAND. You choose. Whatever destinations you have in mind, we have the means and the experience to pull it all together.

what can i do?

ANYTHING YOU WANT. Anything. Are you interested in the culinary arts? How about something with an archaeological bent? Perhaps you’re an adrenaline seeker searching for that unique rush. Or maybe you just want to escape it all and relax in solitude. Whatever you choose, our well-traveled staff will work with you to develop a personalized itinerary that fits your lifestyle and celebrates your passions.

What Can Luxury Rovers Do?

We specialize in the unique, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and unrivalled access. We, along with our local agents, understand your discerning tastes. These strong partnerships mean we’re able to give you access to sites most travellers just read about. Additionally, we have highly trained and educated travel ambassadors throughout Iceland, waiting to introduce you to their location. We can arrange local guides to tour with you in specific destinations, or have one of our experienced trip leaders accompany you, your family and friends throughout your entire journey.


Our dedicated team of experts is always available to design the journey of your dreams. Simply contact us and we’ll show you the world.

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